Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ron Medellin Grand Reserva 12 Year Old

    12 Year Old Ron Medellin Grand Reserva is a very fine rum from Columbia that I was finally able to obtain for the Rum Bar yesterday.   This is a classic rum like those from the high valleys of Guatemala that benefits from the cooler average temperatures.   The Aburra Valley has an elevation of about 5,000 feet and an average temperature of 70 degrees.  Even with it's proximity to the equator, the high altitude spring like weather makes for great rum aging conditions.   There is a smaller amount of loss to "Angel's Share" evaporation from the barrels.

     This is a pure rum made from local sugar cane with no added sugars or artificial flavorings.   The Colombian way of making rum is based on the quality and control by using selected resources that come from within the Colombian borders.    

     The rum has a complex smokey flavor from the American Oak barrels that it spends 12 years resting in.  The local rum in Columbia is 70 proof, but the export available in the United States is a full 80 proof.    There are hints of vanilla and a certain spiciness to the rum that is followed by a long and distinctive smooth finish.  The rum feels very nice on the palate, and  has a distinctively long finish.

     I have always liked the three and eight year old rums from Ron Medellin, but this twelve year old is really nice and one that needs to be placed in your collection.   ;o)