Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Traveling Around Key West

    The island of Key West is a very unique place in more ways than just it's people.   The way that people get around Key West is just as unusual.    Some people use cars, motor scooters, motorcycles,plus a huge number of bicycles.   The other mode of transportation in Key West is almost unheard of in many other places, it 's walking.   This is one of the most common transportation for so many of the people of Key West, especially the ones that live close to work and where they play.  It is very practical on this 2 by 4 1/2 mile island.    It is also very relaxing and very good for you health wise to walk rather than ride.

     The Bicycle is another very popular means of transportation in Key West.    There are bicycle paths in many parts of the island and provide a great alternative to walking for those that live further out than simple walking distance from work or play.    You can party in Old Town and still not have to worry about drinking and driving, you can either walk your bike home or call a taxi with a bike rack and get a ride home for you and your bike.  Either way you are home safely and you are not a slave to the high price on gasoline and the very limited parking on the island.   All you need is a pole of some kind to lock your bike to and you are off for the fun or work.

     The next group is an off shoot of the bicycle, and that is the motor scooter.   This little idea goes back many many years especially in Europe where the streets are very narrow and the parking is also very limited.    These very economical vehicles car carry large amounts of baggage with some creative thinking as well as being able to  scoot you down the road at 40 mph.   This is my personal mode of transportation for my 10 mile round trip to work on Wednesday thru Sunday at the Rum Bar.   I spend approximately $5.00 a week on gasoline and I get to ride with the breezes in my face and the cool comfort of the open air every where I go around the island.    

     The Motorcycle for those who still need the big power on this island where the maximum speed limit is 35 mph.    They are very eye catching and always have an appeal to many people.   Whether it's a Harley chopper or a "crotch rocket" Japanese bike, they are very appealing to many observers on the street.   Duval Street is the primary place to see or be seen on your classy motorcycle, it offers a place where everyone interested can get together for good conversation about their favorite subject.

     So it seems that there is a lot of choices when it comes to transportation here in Key West.   Personally I use bicycles, scooters and an automobile when absolutely necessary.    I love to ride my bicycle when I'm not in a hurry or don't have to be somewhere in a rush.  My scooter is my favor, because it combines practicality with fun of riding and easy of parking.  I also like walking once I get some where.  It provides me with exercise, relaxation and the ability to stop or go into some place at my every whim.    If you are here in Key West you will see what I have been talking about, you get to choose your mode of transportation for your own reasons.   Enjoy the journey.  ;o)