Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Holidays are Finally Over

   The coming of the new year means that it is time to take down the colorful lights and just go back to the "drab" colors of everyday living.  NOT!!!!!!!!      It is always hard for me to take the lights off of the boat and watch as the marina goes dark after the new years parties are over.

    My season has already gotten underway and there are festivals and regattas coming up in January to get ready for.  These post holiday doldrums will soon be behind me and the speed of life will be back at full tilt again.

     It is always hard to leave a fun filled year and start a new one, it is sort of like moving to a new town and have to start over getting what you had established as routine to be routine again.  The new year requires some effort to begin again and make things start to happen.   Hoping to see the brightness of the holiday lights sparkling again with a bit of rest and the schedules return to normal.   I guess that it was just a lot of fun, but it was a bit overwhelming at the same time.  

     I'll just lay back and take a nap, then it is off to the Rum Bar for another day of fun with the visitors and friends here on the island today.  Hope your return to work and normality goes smoothly, mine seems to be, but who knows what today will bring.  ;o)