Friday, March 4, 2016

The Caribbean Journal Hosts a n Evening with Damoiseau Rhums

Guests Tasting the Damoiseau Expressions
     The Rhum of the French Caribbean Island that make up Guadeloupe remain something of a mystery to the wider world unfortunately so — as they are among the best in the world.   While those of nearby Martinique receive their due praise, Guadeloupe’s rhums tend to remain under the radar, a treasured privilege reserved largely for those who make the trip to the archipelago south of Antigua.
     When it comes to the rhums of Guadeloupe, Damoiseau is perhaps the most famous.  The company is based at its distillery in the town of Le Moule on the eastern island of Grande-Terre, is the market leader in the Guadeloupe Islands. It out sells the other rhums sold in Guadeloupe two to one.
     I have been lucky enough to be invited to a tasting hosted by the Caribbean Journal at their Miami offices.  Damoiseau is presenting their White, VSOP, and XO expressions for our pleasure.  It was a fabulous experience being able to taste these wonderful expressions and being able to talk with the people from Damoiseau.
     This is an experience that I really appreciate being invited to.  I have to say thanks to Alexander Britell of the Caribbean Journal and all of the people from Damoiseau for having me there to enjoy these wonderful expressions.
     Rhum Agricole has been produced at the Bellevue Distillery since the end of the 1800’s on Guadeloupe. The Damoiseau family took over that distillery since the 1940s. Their VSOP is made from fresh, island-grown sugarcane juice.  Damoiseau VSOP Rhum Vieux Agricole  is aged a minimum of 4 years in ex-bourbon casks that have been re-charred to enhance the flavor.  VSOP has an exotic aromas of dried fruits and spices, with a long finish of charred sugarcane and peppery spice notes .
     The Damoiseau XO Rhum Vieux Agricole is aged a minimum of 6 years in ex-bourbon barrels.   Damoiseau X.O. Rhum has a unique combination of power and finesse for an aged Rhum Agricole.   A heavy oceanic character has given an opulent depth and the wood and sugarcane come together to release burnt citrus, spices and notes of tobacco.

Damoiseau Cane Rhum is created from fresh pressed sugarcane juice from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.   This is a silky smooth white rhum, distilled once and aged for 6 months in an oak vat before being  slowly lowered to bottle proof with the distilled natural spring water.   The nature of the rhum is a mix of savory aromas and tropical flavors made in the Guadeloupian style of fine Rhum Agricole.