Monday, November 14, 2016

Volume Two of Mount Gay Origin Series has Arrived

Mount Gay Origin Series Volume Two
     Volume One of the Origin Series featured a chance to understand the differences between aging in Virgin Casks versus being aged in Charred Casks.    Volume Two allows you to further understand the distilling process and how it effects the flavor of the rum.
     Volume two of the Origin Series is a pairing rums with identical ingredients, fermentation and maturity, but different in the way that they are distilled.    Both are distilled in copper stills, but one is a pot still and the other is a column still.   This is a great chance for you to answer the question of the difference between these two distilling methods.     Allen Smith, told us , "We created the Origin Series collections so that we could give rum drinkers the unique opportunity to experience rum by tasting the pure essence of the distinct distillation methods and a deeper understanding of how each part of the process can change the taste of rum entirely”.
Mount Gay Pot Still

     Pot-distilled rum is derived from the old-fashioned copper pot with the big coil attached to it, basically like those used by the moonshiner's.    This style of still will produce between 60 and 80 percent pure alcohol.   The remaining materials consist of water and various flavorful organic compounds, some really good and others not so good.  The output from a pot still is thick-textured and can be really flavorful as a result of the remaining materials.   The richness of the pot stilled expression makes it clear that there is a lot more than just the barrel giving it the full and rounded flavor.   A column still is a tall, very efficient copper column similar to those used to refine crude oil into gasoline.    Capable of refining the fermentation to well over 90 percent pure alcohol through this method.  The output from these stills is a lot purer, but not much flavor or texture.  When distilled to over 95%, the output is called a neutral spirit, because it has virtually flavorless.   The flavors that are tasted in the column still expression are mostly from the barrels, because there is little to no flavor in the alcohol that comes out of the still 
     Mount Gay Rum’s flavor profile is partially obtained by the blending of pot stilled and column still produced rums, Origin Series Volume Two was made to offer those interested in a deeper understanding of the subtleties created by each still, allowing rum drinkers a better understanding of the differences. Rum aficionados can explore the different aromas and taste of the two rums side by side the Mount Gay way, neat or with a single cube.
The collection became available in  October 2016 at top end liquor providers throughout the United States and will generally be price at about $95.00