Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Good Friends Back up on the Lake

Old Home Snowed Over
    I am up here in the Mooresville, North Carolina area on business, but the evenings mean that I have a chance to get together with some friends again.  Many of these friends I haven't seen in about 5 years, but it is great to get back together again with them.  This place has always been a special place, the lake offers much of the fun things that the waters around Key West do.

My Bartender Friend Dorothy
    Going back to some of the old watering holes and seeing that some of them have really changed, and others are still the same place that I hung out just like before.  On the Roxx, Rusty Rudder and Lake Town Tavern, all fun places here on the lake.  The only thing the lake lacks is RUM.    I can get by without all of my favorites for a couple of days, it is all about the friends that make it happen and so much fun when I'm up here that are important.  Until my next visit I must bid my friends up here adieu.
My Friend Holly

     Anyway, it has been a busy few days back up here again, but the work and the play is nearly completed, now it is time to pack back up and get ready to return to Key West this afternoon.  I really can not miss Karaoke at the Hurricane Hole tonight, that just really would not be right.  ;o)