Friday, January 3, 2014

Vintage Cars, Dancing Girls and Fine Rum

     Yesterday was a very busy day at the Rum Bar, but the subject of conversation kept coming up Cuba, fine rum and old cars.    It is funny how that subject keeps coming up again and again at the bar.   It is a shame that you can't just jump aboard a ferry and be there in  4 or so hours from here in Key West.   It could be a day trip just like going to the Dry Tortugas.   The Key West Express comes from Fort Myers is approximately 4 hours everyday and it is 10 miles closer to Havana.    It is really time for this insane embargo if an island that really did less to Americans than Vietnam, USSR, or Germany, but we keep this stupid embargo going on and on for better than 50 years now.

     Anyway, it is the home of many a great many well preserved old cars and some very fine rums.  Did I mention the great 1930's stage shows at the Tropicana?     The culture that has been preserved in this island country is incredible and it is a crime that as Americans, we are missing out on all of these .   In the past, many famous Americans either lived or frequented this island more often than Americans do the Bahamas today.

    The rums of Cuba are also pretty spectacular as well.   I'm not just talking about the Havana Club that just about every rum lover wants, but the other fine rums like Santiago de Cuba, La Occidental, Ron Mulata de Cuba and  Ron Veradero that are available to tantalize your palate.

     I'm looking forward to the next adventure and all the new sights, boats, forts, cars and of course rums that the this world has to offer.   Open your eyes as you travel and given the opportunity to taste the fine rums of Cuba when in any country outside of America.    Don't pass up  any opportunity to experience these rums.  ;o)