Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back to the Beach

West Side of Marquesa Key

     Today makes two straight beautiful mornings of warmth and sunshine here in the Keys. Today would be a perfect day to pack up the boat and cruise to the west and some of the best beaches in the area if I didn't have to work. Pure white sand and virtually void of humanity and the only thing I get to leave behind me are my footprints. The good news is that I can go in my mind through pictures and memories.    Though most of these beaches will be soon washed away by the tides, today we can preserve them in photographs.   The Marquesa Keys and Boca Grande Key areas out to the west of us about 25 miles or so are always an adventure to be there and see what new things you can find. Today it is the beaches that are holding my attention, the white of the sand against the beautiful blues of the water and the sky keep catching my attention.

Wilma or Brewskey 2006
     There is something magical about finding a beach that wasn't there last year and may not be here next year and get to be one of the few that get to enjoy its presents even though it was only a moment’s occurrence. Brewskey or Wilma Key as it was called by the locals was formed duing Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and by 2009 the tidal action had all but washed it away. It became a nesting area for several varieties of marine birds and turtles during its short existence. The best part of the beach it was almost like stepping off of a spaceship onto a new planet when I first saw it in 2006. The ever changing land masses of the Keys are part of the mystique that brings me back to these areas again and again year after year to see how Mother Nature has rearranged things this time.

     Her winds, waters, and sands are her paint brush and the land is her canvas to create these beautiful and breathe taking landscapes for all of us that have that adventuresome urges to seek them out. Take a weekend or even a few hours and go back somewhere you haven't been in a while or like us go back to a place you've been before and see what has been rearranged and resculpted. ;o)