Friday, February 24, 2012

The Sea and Her Perils

     The ocean is one of the most powerful forces on the planet, and something that people and things seem to take for granted.     Her power is is unlimited and when she is mad, she can wipe out a whole city or island as she did along the Asia Rim.    If you want to ride on her, you have to respect her, and use her forces to your advantage. Do not not try to fight against her, you will lose. 

     There a wrecks and other signs of those who tried to resist her forces and lost scattered all over this area.    You can find old chugs, debris of sunken ships and even the land and it's trees can't stand up to her mighty forces.    When she is calm and serene, she is a real lady and a lot of fun to dance with, but if she gets stirred up, my friend you better be on your toes or she will dump you hard.

     You have to love her and treat her right, or just stay away.     When she is mad, you must do what ever it takes if you want to survive your ride.     To become an "old man of the sea", you have to out smart her or you better learn how to ride her, either way you can never lose your respect for her or let your guard down for a minute.   She will come right back and bite you from behind given half a chance.

     The lady has drawn me to her edge and beyond since I was a kid surfing her waves on the West Coast.     Today where I ride her tides in bigger and smaller crafts in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.    She has been good to me, but I watch her all the time.     I know when to say when and return to the dock to enjoy a seat on the aft deck with a glass of fine rum and just watch her until she calms back down again.    She is a great mistress, but like all mistresses, you have to pay her the attention she is due.   ;o)