Friday, May 31, 2013

Angostura dropping 10 Cane and Foursquare Distillery will Be the New Producer

     Angostura has made the decision to drop the contract with Moet Hennessey for the production of 10 Cane Rum.   In a statement issued by Angostura, "After almost a decade working with Moet Hennessey, Angostura decided not to renew the contracts since it did not bring the returns necessary to continue the business."   It seems that part of the 10 Cane operations were actually closed for a few years because of insufficient demand for the rum.

     Sir David Seale, Chairman of Foursquare Distillery in Barbados said at the announcement of the contract, "It is Barbados gain over Trinidad and Tobago".   Barbados Industry Minister, Donville Inniss said, "Barbados is not a low-cost location for manufacturing and as a result the have to tap into the niche areas, rum is a product that is synonymous with Barbados and they will have to exploit fully the rum industry.

Richard L. Seale
     Foursquare Distillery Managing Director Richard L. Seale said, "The future development of Barbados partly rested on the rum industry and the contract with Moet Hennessey could result in many indirect jobs, increased economic activity and between 10% and 30% more exports.  "This product has a short potential to sell in the region of two to three-hundred thousand cases and to become a major global brand when you want it to sell a million cases."

    10 Cane Rum was first introduced in Trinidad and Tobago in 2005.  The name comes from the fact that it is made from first pressing sugar cane in stead of molasses.    It is said that it takes 10 stalks of sugar cane to make each bottle of 10 Cane Rum and thus the idea behind the name.   This is a true premium white rum and now being produced at one of the truly innovative and quality distilleries of the world.   This should be great association.   ;o)