Saturday, January 7, 2017

How Can I Become More Knowledgeable About Rum?

     This is a question that a lot of bartenders and customers shave asked me over the years.  This is a tough question for many people who like rum and want to be better educated about them.   This is what I spent most of my career as a barman doing for people that would come through the door.   Today this is a more difficult job because I don’t have the tools or the “podium” to speak from every day.  

     Today I have to rely on tastings for specific brands to put the message across, but I can only do this one brand at a time.  What I am doing now is putting together a twice monthly program where I can talk rum with people that are interested.  I am planning a twice monthly event that combines two of my favorite things, rum and karaoke.   This is in the final stages of planning, and will begin in the middle of February. 

     The plan is to have three or four different rums of different origins and types to teach the differences of type of distillation, aging, blending and what additives do to the final product.  These programs will be at no cost to the customers and will be open to all locals and tourists in Key West.  I have to say that I am excited about the possibilities this program will be able to offer those people interested in rum who are visiting or living in the Florida Keys. 

     Watch the blog for more as things get finalized and we start to advertise the times and dates for the events.