Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barbara Perina Retires from the Rum Bar and the Speakeasy Inn

The Rum Bar in 2011
     Six years ago, Barbara Perina took the helm of the Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar and has molded it into one of the finest Bed and Breakfasts in Key West.   Today is her last day as our General Manager.   She has decided to go back home to Delaware and spend some quality time with her grand daughter in a place that makes her very happy.  We will miss her, but her happiness is the most important thing in my mind.

The Rum Bar Now
     Barbara has brought this little run down inn so far with her vision and eye for what people really want when they stay in a small guest house.  The service, good food and a clean and comfortable room, these are the things that people really remember and the things she has brought to our customers for the past six years. 

     I'm hoping that she enjoys her retirement.  She will really be missed down here in Key West by all of us that have had the pleasure to work with her these past years.   ;o)
Barbara is always there to back us up when things get busy.