Monday, June 3, 2013

Taildragger Rum: An Agricole Style White Rum

     Taildragger White Rum is a very flavorful white rum made for first pressing sugar cane, it is unaged and not filtered at all.     Coming from the "Caribbean Isle" of Plainfield ,Illinois, this is a very fine rum that is hand made in a small batch artisan distillery by Toby Beall.     Toby is the founder and head distiller at Tailwinds Distilling Company and the driving force behind the rums.   The quote on the bottle reads, "We are bringing America's first spirit back home."    Toby believes that filtering removes as much flavor as it does color, leaving the rum tasteless as well as colorless.   He is right, because this is not a "cachaca" , but a very nice white rum.  

     The aroma is one of a cane field and the clean sweetness is very inviting as you breathe it in.  On the palate it has a sweet and mildly grassy taste that is quite normal for a "agricole  style" of rum.  The rum is extremely smooth and the flavors linger long after the very soft finish.   Actually sipable with a cube of ice to open it up, this is a first class and flavorful white rum.  

     It would be a great rum for a Mojito, Daiquiri, or even a T Punch, though not actually an agricole rum, a lot of the agricole flavors do come through.   I feel that Taildragger White Rum will be a welcome addition to your personal collection and when made more available, to  the shelves of any bar.    It seems to like cola, coconut water, lime, tonic and other mixes without over powering the cocktails balance.   If you should get the opportunity to try this rum, I feel you will be surprised by the flavor and smoothness of an unaged white rum. 

     They also have an Amber Rum that is aged in French Oak  barrels, but as of right now I haven't had the opportunity to try this one.  If the amber is as I expect it to be, it will be one fine rum, based upon the quality of the white rum.   ;o)