Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Miami Rum Festival - Day 1

Judges station ready for evaluating the expressions
     Opening breakfast get together got the day going, then off to the business at hand.  The first session of rum judging.   This will continue through Thursday, working two sessions a day tasting about 25 expressions during each session.

     The first round of judging covered the White, Premium White, and the Gold categories.  There were some very interesting expressions in each of the flights.  After evaluating each of the expressions it was off to the reveal room and seeing which rums we rated to be the best in their category.  There were some surprises, but the quality always come to the surface when it is said and done.

     Next was lunch with Marauda Steel Pan Rum. This is a very nice blend of three 3 year old rums
with no additives or colors.  It marries 3 year old column still rum from Trinidad with 3 year old potstill rums from Jamaica and Guyana.  It is currently available in New York, Washington DC, Delaware, and Maryland.  It is expected to reach other areas in the US as demand is created.  Priced between $30 to $35 per 750
ml bottle

     This is a beautiful amber colored rum with aromas of light wood and earthy elements.  A medium bodied rum with a warm tingling smooth finish.   See more at: 
Judges arriving in the room for evaluation the expressions

     Next on the agenda was the second round of judging with all of the categories of aged rum being evaluated. There were five groups, Aged with no age statement, Aged 5 to 7 Years, Aged 9 to 12 Years, Aged 15 to 23 Years and Premium Aged with No age Statement. This is the group that most of us enjoy judging the most, and the smiles on our faces as we judge them tells the story.

Session two with all of the aged rums