Saturday, April 6, 2013

Old Boats, Beaches and a Mug of Rum

     This morning I was thinking about how many times I've walked along the beaches of some of the Caribbean Islands and see so many old boats that are sun aged and just left to their own survival.   This day is for these old boats that once were the pride of their owners and able to navigate the sea.   Some of these boats were lucky enough to be restored, but most are relegated  to a life of a slow rotting away.   I find many of these sitting on beaches of on the rocks of every island that I ever been on.  In the Bahamas after Hurricane Francis or the Keys after Hurricane Wilma, you would see these boats scattered everywhere.

     Many have been crushed and disposed of, but others still sit on blocks waiting for mother nature to finish them off.   Some of these provide me with some really great photo opportunities, but most are just a pile of rotting wood or fiberglass.  

    I liken these to old whiskey barrels that bring us some of the finest rums.  These barrels sit in the bodegas of the Caribbean and the rest of the world making or rum smooth and flavorful.   I like it that some of these old boats they become a work of art as they become older.   Many of these boats had great lines and were a proud ride for a brave seafaring captain.  Today they are relics that remind me of their proud past.

     That makes me want to head down to the sea shore today with a nice glass of rum.  Just to watch the thunder storms roll in and listen to the thunder, watch the lightning and rain drops.  It doesn't get any more peaceful than this.  ;o)