Monday, October 29, 2018

New York Prohibition Party Pusshing to Ban Alcohol in the State of New York

     They believe all alcohol -- beer, wine and liquor -- should be banned. It's the major long-term objective for the people behind a newly reorganized political party in New York.  They belong to the appropriately named New York Prohibition Party. Founded in 1869, it went dormant in the 1940s, about a decade after the end of America's big experiment with national Prohibition.  In 2017, a small group of true believers set out to re-establish the state party. They followed in the footsteps of a re-emerging national Prohibition Party, the oldest continuously operating third party in the country.  The ultimate goal "is to establish a lasting prohibition of the manufacture and sale of alcohol, to abolish the alcohol industry, and to establish a teetotal culture," party officials said in a set of answers to emailed questions from

     This is an ongoing battle that first appeared in the 1800’s, there will always be people that believe that alcohol is the root of all evil and should be banned.  The “Noble Experiment of the 1920’s and 1930’s failed completely.  All it did was to put the criminal element into the imbibing of alcohol.  It did nothing to stem its consumption.  Enough is enough, we have legal controls of the manufacturing, sales and use of alcohol, we don’t need to add the criminal element to it again.  We are finally moving out of that era with Marijuana, we don’t need to slip back into it with alcoholic beverages.