Monday, December 10, 2012

Morning Along the Beach

    The wonderful thing about being on vacation is the freedom to follow your whims.   This morning I decided to walk the beach just after sun up and see what I could find before the sun bathers took over the beach.    The fun part of hitting the beach early is that you get to leave your footprints in a clean slate of sand.     Just being the first on the freshly erased sand that the surf freshly cleaned just for me to leave my mark on.    The great thing is that I am just leaving foot prints behind, nothing else.

     The surf is always putting on a wonderful show for me as I walk down the sand and see it spray as the waves ebb and flow over the rocks just off of the beach.    This is what the beach really offers, drawing me to just wander farther and farther down the sand along with the occasional bird flying overhead.   I think why do so many people go the hotels and resorts to watch the man-made water features, when mother nature has it all over the artificial water wonders.  Off of the rocks comes little waterfalls and rivers of water that are left behind as the waves retreat.   These provide a wonderful visual effect that is continuously changing and never seems to repeat.

     Then there are the birds.   This morning the Frigates were riding the air currents above as I ambled down the beach.   The birds look like something out of a prehistoric time, but have the ability to snatch fish from the ocean more efficiently than most any other.

    This has been such a beautiful morning, one of relaxation and pleasure for me.   Today is part of a week that I hope continues to give me such pleasure and chill as the first full day here in Cancun has.   The sun, the sea, the birds and the friends, all make for a great and relaxing day.  The Havana Club on the rocks hasn't hurt the experience at all either.     ;o)