Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It Keeps Getting Better Everyday

Uncle Bob Playing at the Bull
     Today the activity seems to be centered in getting all of the debris out of yards and on to the street
where it can be scooped up and hauled away.  I saw people hauling branches and palm frowns out to the gutter and I saw more front yards and driveways for the first time since last Saturday.

  We also saw the first live entertainment on Duval Street.  Uncle Bob played at the Bull for about four hours yesterday afternoon.

FEMA Lines getting Shorter
     The lines to get into the grocery stores and at the FEMA locations have all but gone away and the Home Depot is where all of the lines are.  They are only open from 10 until 2 and there is a real urgency for the people to get in there and get the materials necessary to make their houses livable again.

     More of the restaurants and bars are opening as the restaurant supply companies and able to get through and the freezers have been cleaned out so fresh food can be put back in.  The dumpsters filled with spoiled food that finally got hauled away was the foulest smelling part of the whole post Irma experience.

     Key West Strong is more than a saying it is a way of life for everyone down here.  The arrive back
down here roll up their sleeves and start digging out of the mess and bring life back to the keys.  It is still going to be a while before it will be back like it was, but a lot has already been done and more is being completed every day.  You can really see the difference each day.