Thursday, October 19, 2017

Bahama Bob is Giving it a Try, My Own Rum Blend

     Seeing that there are a lot of bars and mixologists that have been creating their own personal blend, I thought about it and here it is.  This is a blend of unflavored or spiced rums that I like for their flavors,mouth feel and color. 
     I spent a fair amount of time trying many, many rums is twos and threes to see how they worked together.  Then I started blending these groupings together and finally I got the flavor and color that I was looking for. 
     Once I got this blend together I put in the test tube and checked the proof, which ended up being 98 Proof ABV.  For me this is a good number to keep the flavor bold and the colors will be nicer after it spends time maturating in my three-liter cask on the aft deck to the boat.  I put up 2 ½ liters of my blend so I will have enough to be able to sample it from time to time as it matures.
     I’ll be sure and keep everyone abreast of how it is progressing from time to time.  I don’t really know how this is going to turn out, but everything that I have aged in these barrels on the back of the boat have yield very good results.

Bahama Bob’s Private Blend
  • Panama Red
  • Damoiseau Agricole
  • Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof
  • Doorly’s XO
  • Mazan Guyana 2005
  • Smith & Cross
  • Cartavio Black Barrel
  • Seven Fathoms Rum

I have put equal amounts of each of these rums into the blend.  Initially it had a very nice flavor and the color, a light mahogany hue.  Let follow this project and have some fun tasting it as it progresses.