Saturday, May 12, 2018

Grand Cayman Day Three: Cayman Spirits Distillery

Vodka Tower
     Another beautiful day here in Grand Cayman despite the weather forecasts.  After sleeping in a bit and a good breakfast it is off to Cayman Spirits Company distillery and our friends Dilbert Nelson and Walker Romanica.  As usual it was a time to share what was happening with them and what was happening in Key West as well.
    It is always a great time when I get to talk with other distillers and share tricks and ideas that may help me to learn more about the art of distilling. You always learn something new when you get to sit down with the master distillers at a distillery.

Stripping Still

    This evening we jumped into a cab and journeyed to  Pedro Castle in Savannah, Grand Cayman.  Cayman Spirits Distillery has an Outpost at the historic site.   Friday from 5 til 7 is Happy Hour and it is a lot of fun for everyone that visits.  Marta and I wandered the grounds and had a wonderful time before happy hour and really enjoyed the service from Aiza and Zane.   Pedrd Castle is the oldest structure on Grand Cayman and an interesting walk around the grounds.

Pedro Castle
     The real fun begins at 5 pm when Happy Hour begins.  The two for one
cocktails and the jerk chicken and pork put a real top to the evening.  Don't miss out on Friday at the Cayman Spirits Outpost on Fridays from 5 til 7.   By tghe Way if you stop by you need to taste the new 1780 Rum from Cayman Spirits.