Saturday, September 7, 2013

Clouds and Sunshine Mornings

     This time of year down here in the Keys there is a blend of clouds and sunshine every morning.  This morning it was particularly intense.  As the sun came out and started illuminating the dark clouds.  The pictures were very beautiful and dramatic.   Yes there was a bit of rain beneath the clouds and some booms of thunder, but the blue sky and the white sides of the clouds contrasted with the darker parts of them made for an inspiring formation of opposites.

     It is the always the new vision that the sky presents each morning that makes my mornings here so fascinating, it makes it easy to get up early to enjoy the mornings show.  

     Now with the sun up and the day in full swing, it is time to finish up the blog for today and get on to the Rum Bar for another exciting day of rum classes and cocktailing.  Saturday is the best day of the week during the "off season", and all of the weekend escapees bring a new life to the island for a couple of days.   They seem to be able to just run away to the Keys and release all of the stress and pent up emotions of the week before returning on Monday.   It's definitely time to play down here.  ;o)