Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Hacienda Botucal in La Meil

    The Hacienda Botucal in La Meil, Lara, Venezuela is a very unique place with cattle grazing around a classic hacienda style house that is located  just outside of the gates to Distilleria Unitas.   We were the guests of Diplomatico for an afternoon fiesta of appetizers, rum, music and lunch in the grand style of the Venezuelan hacienda life.     We were greeted by Tito Cordero at the gate, a group picture in front of the main house, then inside and the beginning of the afternoon fun.  

     The group of us were first treated to a tour of the grounds and a chance to see the lunch being cooked in a bar-b-que roasting box at the rear of the house.   Then it was out to the front porch for some Mojitos, Diplomatico rum cocktails, and music from a trio of local musicians.   There was a never ending table of local appetizers that were brought out one after the other and the local cheeses were like no other I've ever had.

The afternoon and the lunch were absolutely wonderful, but like all good things, the afternoon was gone before we really knew it.   I found it so peaceful out there on the grounds with a warmth and friendliness that country living can only provide.   I really enjoyed the food, rum and companionship Tito, Alfonso, and the crew that runs the Hacienda Botucal afforded us.

   And for dessert, was an aperitif of Hacienda Saruro aged rum liquor.  The perfect end for a perfect day in the Venezuelan countryside.   ;o)