Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank You for Sharing

     Southern Wine and Spirits, America has just announced the participation and pledged support of the Florida tax Credit Scholarship Program.   This is a very admirable gesture on behalf of this fine spirits industry company.  It makes me proud to be a part of an industry that is still helping out others in a slow economy

     "Southern Wines & Spirits of America pledged $25 million to help schools by donating to Step Up For Students this year.

      The Miami-based company, the second-largest private company in South Florida, is supporting the nonprofit through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Program.

     On Friday, Southern Wine & Spirits President and COO Wayne E. Chaplin visited Yeshiva Elementary School in Miami Beach to honor award-winning teacher Dana Sostchin.

     "Through our support of Step Up For Students scholarships, our company has helped more than 13,000 students attend schools like Yeshiva Elementary," he said.
     Southern Wine & Spirits has donated $60 million to Step Up For Students since 2010."   

     It is the caring for the people of our communities that makes this country strong, and I think that it is a great thing that Southern Wine and Spirits has done by making the donations to this program.   ;o)                                    '