Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Michael Comes to Visit Key West

Pouring Rain outside of Captain Tony's
     Unlike a year ago, Michael is just sending some his bands to visit us in Key West.  The center of Michael is mostly effecting the Gulf of Mexico.  Moving to the North-west and looking like it is going to be an issue for the "panhandle of Florida and then into Georgia,South Carolina and North Carolina dropping just a ton of rain on an area that Florence has already devastated.
winds in the realm of 30 mph and a ton of rain falling, but it is just a day of mild nuisances here in Key West.   The center of the storm is about 210 miles to the west of us and for the most part i

     For all of us in the Keys it is a rain event, with very mild winds.   All of us here are very thankful for this aftr all of the troubles that Irma brought us just over a year ago.
Looking out to the Northwest from Sunset Marina at the Rain and Cloudiness