Monday, August 1, 2016

Paul Yellin's Cane Rhum Bar and Caribbean Kitchen Opens Tomorrow

     My friend Paul Yellin has brought what was a disaster back to be his very special Cane Rhum Bar and Caribbean Kitchen.   Formerly Big John's Tavern, Paul got the place after a fire destroyed the interior of the building.  From the ashes you now have Cane Rhum Bar and Caribbean Kitchen.  Paul tells us that the doors open tomorrow at 4pm for the first time.  He has been working on the reconstruction of his dream place for quite some time now and I'm sure the evening will be a very special one.

     “Chef Paul Yellin, the man behind the East Bay eatery, hasn’t been shy about his plans to return Charleston to its rum roots and offer locals a taste of authentic Caribbean fare.  When last we spoke with Yellin, he talked about sharing the flavors and feel of Barbados, while providing an alternative to the “bourbon and bacon” that holds such prominence in the local food scene”.

     Paul has assembled some 60 wonderful rums, rons, and rhum to stock his Rhum Bar and a menu of very unique and wonderful sounding cocktails for those that like cocktails made with the quality ingredients that they were intended to have.  Paul's selection
Rums coming from America, Barbados, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Trinidad, and the West Indies; Rons from Columbia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico, and  Venezuela; and finally Rhums from Brazil, Guadeloupe, Haiti, and Martinique. give him a very awesome group of cane spirits from which his customers cam choose.


     I'd like to wish Paul Yellin all the best in his new venture and I hope that Cane Rhum Bar and Caribbean Kitchen takes off like a rocket and does well for the long haul.