Friday, July 5, 2013

Too Much Fireworks and Rum

     Ever have one of those mornings after the holiday that you had to work on?   I'm having one today.    I spent too much time at the Hurricane Hole last night  drinking rum with some very rambunctious friends watching a great fireworks display or 3 or 4 displays.   It seems that a lot of people down here in Key West go buy great fireworks and set them off on the Fourth of July.  This makes for a fun evening away from all of the crowds jammed on the beach and lining South Roosevelt Blvd.

   Though it was a great spectacle last night I stayed up too late and maybe had one of two extra glasses of rum, I can say that I enjoyed the evening immensely.    I can say that I'm glad that 4th of July only happens once a year, and I don't have too may reasons to stay out until the later hours of the evening any more often.

    Anyway, I've got this edition just about completed and ready to head down to the Rum Bar for another fun day with all of the 4th of July party crowd.   I love the fact that so many people come down to the keys to enjoy this holiday, it is always a ton of fun.   Thanks one and all for making Key West you destination for fun and frolic, we love ya down here.   ;o)