Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter Kayaking in the Florida Keys

Heading out under the bridge into the Atlantic
     One of the great things about living in the tropics is that you can do so many outdoor and especially water related things pretty much year round.   Marta and I love to jump in our Hobie Kayak, pedaling or paddling out to the small mangrove keys in the area around the Bahia Honda.
Sponges and Coral

Some days are better than others, winds and high seas can make it a bit uncomfortable, but other than that you can head out most anytime.

Eek, Shark
     Last week we saw young sharks, rays and many types of fish on out ride.  There are always a wide variety of birds that fill the skies, that the species change with the seasons.  Now it is a lot of pelicans, egrets and vultures, summertime is seagulls and terns and frigates and ospreys year round.  The surprise of the day was when a manatee surfaced as we returned to the harbor.  Our evening sunset cruises seem to find a pod of dolphins that come through the area between the bridges.

     Speaking of sunsets, they rarely disappoint,

and even when they don't happen because of clouds the cocktail cruise is always enjoyable.   Sunsets and cocktails are probably the most relaxing thing that I do.  These change with the seasons also in the spring and summer the sunsets migrate to the north side of the bridge giving a completely different look than those of the winter when the sun sets on the south side of the bridge.  The view of the sunset through and under the old rail bridges are so intense and colorful.

      Life in the Florida Keys is wonderful in so many ways and 80 degrees in December is one of the best.

Winter sunset cocktail cruise at Bahia Honda