Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Atlantico Platino in the Rum Lab Today

     Atlantico Platino a new higher end white rum is the subject of the Rum Lab testing today.     This Dominican Republic rum come from a linage of high quality and smooth rums.     It's big brother Atlantico Private Cask is an award winning fine rum and the fact that it was nominated for the Golden Rum Barrel award (New White Rum Category) in London this year indicates that it is also a fine quality rum.

     Today we are going to test the mixability of Atlantico Platino in the Rum Lab and will let you know how the rum fares against the mixers.     It has been the experience that some of these fine rums struggle a bit when mixed, they sometimes clash with what they are mixed with.     This is always a challenge, but worth the time, because when you find what the rum likes the cocktails are absolutely superb.   It is like everything else compatibility is the clue to good cocktails as well as anything else.

     I'll let you know tomorrow how the Rum Lab liked Atlantico Platino.   ;o)