Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sailing around Key West

     More of a power boater myself, but the sails are all up in Key West this week.    The Mount Gay Sailboat Races are on this week, drawing a good crowd to the Keys.    This week has some  really perfect sailing weather, 10 to 20 mph winds and 2 to 3 foot seas, ideal for a sailing event.    The boats are further out than I was able to go. but you could see them appearing and disappearing as the seas ebbed and flowed between me and them. 

     These conditions don't just bring out the racers, the local sailors are out on the water as well.     You will see them in all sizes and shapes of boats out there this time of year.    There is nothing quite as spectacular as the big sailboats with their sails full and making way through the water.    I'm out here just drifting in the seas camera in hand and having a great afternoon of taking pictures and sipping a from a flask of Moung Gay Black Rum just letting my mind drift with the boats.    

     The more time that I spend on the water the more time I'd like to spend on the water, sounds strange,  but it is true.      My Mondays and Tuesdays are the days that I get to spend doing pretty much what pleases me, and I seem to spend many of them on the water doing different things every time I go out.   The weather, whether it is windy; big or flat seas; sunny or cloudy; I seem to be drawn to get out there and just enjoy being a part of the ocean and all she has to offer.   ;o)