Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hurricane Season is a Month and a Half Old, So Far So Good

     Summer is a double edge sword down here in the tropics, it is beautiful, relatively calm winds and beautiful sunshine most every day.  This is the perfect time to be out on the water and enjoying the good  life.  The water is crystal clear and you have a clear view of the bottom with all of the exciting wild life every time you are out on the water.

     The other edge of the sword is that it is hurricane season.   All of the warm weather raises the water temperature of the ocean and the gulf to the point that it is good fuel for hurricanes and very strong thunder storms as well.   A couple of good solid thunder storms with lots of rain helping to  keep the water temperature in check is also a very nice event, keeping things in check.


     Even though the water temperatures are very warm right now, the forcast is still good.  There are no tropical disturbances in sight and the weather remains beautiful.  I can deal with the warm, but we really don't need a major storm to start kicking up this year.

     I guess that hurricanes are the price you have to be willing pay when you live in your paradise here in the tropics.  Thunder storms that can kick up at any time and the occasional hurricane are not as much of a problem is you keep yourself prepared.   Just be ready and have a plan in mind to deal with it and then just ride it out, preferably with a good supply of great rum.  ;o)