Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seven Rainy Days in a Row Really Get Me Down

     The good news is that it is not snowing.    This continuous rain we have had in the past two weeks is really beginning to wear on me.   2013 seems to be a year of weird weather all around the world.   Tornadoes all over the Midwest, snow in June, and for us almost a continuous rain for a week or more.

     The great news is it won't last forever and we will be able to get back to our spring weather with some sunshine and smooth waters.   I'm hoping that we can get back to a normal weather pattern not just here in the Keys, but all over this world, this is just plain odd. 

   Anyway, I'll put on my "foul weather" gear hop on the scooter and get off to work and hope there are some people there I hope will need cheering up and I'll be able to help them enjoy their vacations in the rain.    I'll put on my fun barman face and have some fun behind the bar today hoping that this mess will soon pass.   I guess it is like anything else too much of anything is sometimes just to much.    Do I need to start working on the Ark?   ;o)