Monday, March 20, 2017

Bahama Bob's Back On the Road Again

     Off to Mooresville, North Carolina again this morning.  Another week and a half  worth of work left to get the house on the market.  This trip I'm lucky enough to have the company of my lovely wife, Marta going up there.
View from Living Room

     Looking forward to getting the last of the projects completed and putting the place on the market.  My Realtor tells me that the market is good now and it is a perfect time to get it on the market and sold.   I feel like I'm on one of those refurbishing shows on TV, my friend Mike Cole is telling us what has to be done to make it ready to sell, so we've been on it for nearly a month now and I'm looking forward to having the project done on this trip.

    Dock work, bathroom vanity replacement, little projects finished up, and getting the cleaners in there to put the finishing touch on everything as I pack the car up for my return to the Keys in about a week and a half.

     I really excited how the place has progressed into today's styles and looking forward to seeing how the potential buyers react to the place.