Friday, January 15, 2016

El Dorado and Demerara Introduces the Rare Collection of Single Still Expressions

The Basis for the Rare Collection
     In 2016, the Demerara Distillers Launches Rare Collection range: a limited selection of three rum single and at full proof.  The Demerara Distillers has adopted the concept that Velier created about fifteen years ago The first three expressions will be under the El Dorado label.    The Demerara Distillers has adopted the concept that Velier has created about fifteen years ago in creating his Diamond Rums and in its collaboration with the distillery has taken him around the world, helping create the myth of Demerara rum.
      The Rum “Diamond” 1999 Demerara - Velier 15 Years is a new Demerara product of Velier family, it is a diamond of Guyana, a land of South America. After the 2014 trip, Luca Velier has selected that spirit, whose flavor leaves you unarmed. Situated between a fruit liqueur and a rum, the harmony of tones that dominates nose and palate is a real surprise. Its medium-light body comes from the use of the Diamond Still, a double column Coffey Still, and is a pleasure to taste, suitable also for the palates that love simpler products. That 1999 rum can be distinguished from other diamonds, the other “Diamonds”, in particular from the 1996 one, for its smoked, interesting, unique shades. Velier family have made 1137 bottles, which are the symbol of a high quality work that belongs to ancient culture and profession, famous all over the world and boasting a circulation dating back to the ships of Christopher Columbus. A real treasure!

    The parent rum is Demerara, branded El Dorado, and has chosen the rum of the three 'legendary' wooden stills.   The wooden double pot still, Port Mourant, the wooden single pot Versailles and the column coffey wooden still, Enmore, these stills produced the rums that were selected in 1993.   We are pleased and excited because the rum is really sensational. 

The 2016 Rare Collection

     Demerara has a long and stellar history in the sugar and rum business and her are a few highlights.

1790 – The most popular in the United States are the Demerara rum.
1813 – Guyana passes from the Netherlands to England, and knows a new expansion. Distilleries were built alongside the sugar mills.
1900 – Guyana is the second biggest exporter of rum after Martinique.
1900-1950 – Bookers, the largest manufacturer of Demerara sugar, controls the production of rum.
1952 – All the distilleries annexed to its sugar refineries are incorporated in the Guyana Distilleries.
1960 – Even the distillery of Uitvlugt is incorporated.
1975 – Guyana Distilleries is ceded to the State, which builds the Guyana Liquor Corporation.
1976 – Incorporation of Guyana Distilleries, Demerara Distillers and Diamond Liqueurs in Guyana Liquors Corporation led by Yesu Persaud.
1978 – Inauguration of the new bulk terminal in Georgetown, Demerara River.
1992 – El Dorado brand is launched.

These three single still expressions as sure to be ones that are incredibly hard to get your hands on an I'm looking forward to at sometime this year getting o at least taste them.