Monday, March 13, 2017

Rum and Karaoke Returns Tomorrow to The Rum Barrel

     Gary Woods Sr. and Bahama Bob Leonard will be returning to the Quarterdeck of the Rum Barrel for another fun day time Karaoke and Rum Lore and Tasting.    Starting at Noon and running to 3:00 pm we will be enjoying the singing of all of you performing on the karaoke stage, and during the breaks, I'll be introducing all of you to some facts and flavors of rum.

     We are looking forward to the second time that we have put this show on, and seeing everyone again.  Gary has some 130,000 songs in his computer for you to choose from, and I promise you I'll have some interesting Pilar Rum stuff for you to learn about and taste.
  This time you will get a chance to visit the light and dark expressions, learn some of the history and how it came about.

     Don't miss out on all of the fun, come on by and enjoy a great selection of rum, great lunch menu and a whole lot of fun.  Come for lunch and sing your heart out on the stage, and learn some great things about the rums and get a taste of what I am talking about.