Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rum Bar Saturday

   Today is Saturday and time for me to head out to the Rum Bar.     It is inventory day, then open up to our big day for Meeting of the Minds in 2012.       This year the Parrothead crowds have been really fun at the Rum Bar.   Having fun people back to party on again today, and it should be an absolute blast.

     We have a group of Parrotheads from Delaware that will be stopping by today to party in the traditional Jimmy Buffett manner with plenty of great rum and lots of energy.


      If you haven't stopped by the Rum Bar this week, you've missed an exciting time and a chance to become acquainted with some of the world's finer rums.     Take a "rum run" and get to know 5 of our high quality rums as you party on through the afternoon.    You don't want to miss out on sampling "Bahama Bob's Bark Juice" either.   This is the second generation of the unique infused rums that the Rum Bar is known for.  

     I'm looking forward to meeting you and serving your cocktails today, for tomorrow I will be on my way to Trinidad and Venezuela for 8 days of rum research.  Keep up with my travels here on the blog, I will be providing daily updates and pictures.   ;o)