Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just Another Wednesday

    After two days off, Wednesday morning seems to find me in a dilemma about what to write about.    Today is one of those days, I'm getting ready to go down to the Rum Bar and get it opened up for business and trying to get my mind working on a subject for today's blog.  I had two days of rest, a much needed change from the hustle bustle of last week.   As of now
this is going to be a "normal" week ahead.    It is the unpredictability of the days that make it so much fun for me these days.   I don't know who or what is going to appear to make the day so unique.

     I saw some King Fishers as I walked down the dock this morning.   The are around here this time of year and their noisy chatter is always welcome to me as I pass by them.     For the most part they seem to stay clear of people, but I seem to be able to get closer and closer these days before they fly off.    I walk to the office each morning just before sun up, a beautiful time of the day when there are many types of birds just beginning to move around and the fish are also just starting to feed.   This is a peaceful time that makes me feel really good and at ease with the world.

     I hope that your day starts like mine has and that you can enjoy the start to your work week in a similar way.   It really make going to work easier when you can start the day in such a tranquil setting.    I guess that it just reaffirms the reasons for living down here in the Keys.   Make this week a fun one and take the time to enjoy your surroundings, wherever they are, It makes your outlook on things a whole lot nicer and more fun.   ;o)