Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The Bulleit Frontier Bartender Lab in New York City

     Here is an idea that makes a lot of sense, a place that is fully stocked to learn to and create new cocktails.   This is a great idea that will be a mecca for bartenders to meet and share ideas as well a come and listen to master classes from icons of the industry.  WeWork lab is located in New York City at 33 Irving Place, with a wbsite that can fill you in on all that is happening there.

     The WeWork Bulleit Frontier Bartender Lab exists on the modern frontier to provide an opportunity for co-creation with our friends in the trade. Bartenders can use the space to innovate and experiment. Our Bartender Lab will provide materials and ingredients, simply sign up for time in our workshop and create.   Along the way, join us for creative cocktail workshops with leaders in the industry on upcoming topics such as: Sustainability Behind The Bar, Smoke and Flavor, Dangerous Ingredients, Eat Your Cocktails and More!

     Bulleit has partnered with WeWork to collaborate on the Bulleit Frontier Bartender Lab, celebrating their shared appreciation for innovation and community. The launch celebrated the reigning World Class Winner, Kaitlyn Stewart and included cocktails concocted by Kaitlyn, Harrison Ginsberg of The Dead Rabbit and BlackTail NYC, Anwar Warner of The Tea Factor and Damon Boelte of Grand Army Bar.   The Bulleit Frontier Bartender Lab will host reoccurring innovation focused workshops for bartenders and consumers. In addition to workshops, the new space will offer bartender’s “office hours” (Monday’s 10am-6pm) where they’ll reserve time to experiment, flex their creative muscles and develop new cutting-edge cocktails.
Read More at  http://bulleitfrontierbartenderlab.com often for more workshops to be posted and to sign up