Monday, February 12, 2018

Vermont Bartenders are Petitioning to Change Rules on House-Infused Spirits

Bahama Bob's Barrel Juice, an Infused Rum
     Here in Florida, we have it pretty good as far as the freedom to create cocktails, even with the infusion of things into existing liquors.  All we have to do is use fully taxed and legal spirits.   I guess in Vermont, this is not the case.  There is a petition going around to get the rules changed.

     A petition circulated by local bartenders that seeks to amend a state liquor regulation has gained more than 400 signatures in 24 hours.   The petition is an effort to change a Vermont Department of Liquor Control regulation that prohibits adulterating or tampering with alcohol after its manufacture. In practical terms, this means a bartender cannot infuse spirits with ingredients, flavors, herbs or spices — a common practice that is part of mixing a craft cocktail.

     "Cocktails are cuisine," said Stewart Dunoskovic, a bartender at 
Leunig's Bistro & Cafe who signed the petition.  "A bartender is not unlike a chef in what they do. Anything that restricts what we can do with those products, restricts what you get to drink at the end of the day."  This is not good for tourism in Vermont, because limiting the ability of the barmen will lead to people going places where these rules don’t exist, like New Hampshire, Main, or Massachusetts.