Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 International Old Fashion Week Begins October 14, 2016

     "Launched in 2015 on the initiative of the Maria Loca bar in Paris and Cyrille Hugon, the Old Fashioned Week is now international. The Old Fashion Week is a week dedicated to the most popular cocktail in the specialized bars of the planet.   The Old Fashion Week is an event that is open in all the establishments that lay claim to a quality cocktail culture and of course to all the people who are old enough to drink it. The Old Fashion Week involves activations, evenings and master classes organized by the participating bars and or the affiliated brands of spirits."
          During Old Fashioned Cocktail week we will celebrate the venerable old cocktail with the spirit of your choice, mine being rum, ron or rhum if you will with a recipe that makes you smile as it slides across your palate.  During the week I will introduce you to some "new" Old Fashioned Cocktails from my devious mind here in the bar on the boat.
     Keep the week in mind and help us celebrate one of the first ever cocktails recognized around the world.   This year’s festival is also promoting a charitable cause, with donations collected by the organisers sent to The Isla Foundation – an NGO based in Nicaragua that endeavours to provide better working conditions to cane cutters in the global sugar industry.