Monday, March 24, 2014

The Magnificant Osprey Came by Today

     Down here is the Florida Keys, there are a wide variety of magnificent birds that share my world.   There is something very special in my mind about the Osprey.  This fish eagle, is a very effective hunter and provider for his family that lives close by on the cell phone tower aerie.   I love the days when he perches atop the mast of the sail boat that is moored behind my boat.  It is such a pleasure to watch and photograph this impressive bird.

     From his vantage point, he sits so vigilant watching the waters for a school of fish.  Patiently he sits scanning the waters until he locates is prey and off he goes.  Later you might see him back on the mast eating his catch or in flight back to the aerie to feed the young eaglets that I noticed in the nest the other day.

     It is just another reason for my love of this part of the world.  I love sharing the marina with all of the birds that come by on a regular or seasonal basis.  It is so wonderful to be able to sit on the foredeck and share the environment with such beautiful wild life.   It is my hope that there are as many others that enjoy their presence as much as I do and leave their necessities for life alone.  ;o)