Monday, April 2, 2018

Seven Years Later I'm Still Having Fun Bringing You the Rum and Tropical Lifestyle Every Morning

Abuelo Distillery in Panama
     On January 3, 2011, I started a journey that has taken me far and wide around the world of rum

and the tropical lifestyle.  Today after 2829 posts and more that a million page views, I have found this daily posting of the blog to be very rewarding. 

White Sand Beaches and Blue Water of the Caribbean
     When it all started, I was a man that just really enjoyed his rums, and the journey has lead me all around the Caribbean and other really fun and interesting places to learn more about the traditions and history of rum.  It has opened many new doors for me and lead me to learn so many interesting new friends.
Hemingway's Boat Pilar at his Home in Havana

     Today I'm making rum at the Hemingway Rum Company Distillery here in Key West.  It is an
opportunity to learn even more about the intricacies of rum making.  The ability to try different things and learn what is a positive and what doesn't work is very enlightening.  Over the years I've listened to some of the most famous rum makers in the world and got to listen and learn what makes rum so special.  I'm feeling so lucky to have this opportunity to apply my knowledge to the craft spirits industry and learn even more about this wonderful Spirit.  I have see so much and look forward to the times ahead and all of the new adventures ahead.

Bacardi Rum Factory in Sasntiago de Cuba
     During this time I've rode out some rough times and some really great times that the tropics can hand out, but it has made me love the island even more.  Irma was a real Bitch, but I've survived the tough times and ca't tell you how great the rest of the times are.
200 Year Old Wood Fire Heated Pot Still in Grenada