Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Landmarks Around Havana

El Capitol and the Grand Theater
    In my past stories about Havana, I've dwelled on the bars, rum and some other things, but I've completely forgotten about the impressive architectural beauty in the City of Havana.   From the area around the Central Park to the harbor there are so many beautiful sights that the camera never seems to stop clicking.   Around the central park area there are hotels, a mall, restaurants, and government buildings.  All is an architect's dream of classic European styles.  

     There are museums of all kinds that give you a good cross section of life in and around Havana.   The Museum to the Revolution with the Memorial to their Fallen Heroes, is a collection of the weapons and of course the eternal flame for the fallen warriors.    There is a museum for the firemen, Havana Club, Museum of the Arts and the many other people and events.  It is wonderful that we can see the past here in Havana because the heritage was such an important part of life to the residents of Havana.

     The biggest memorial in Havana is the Jose Marti Memorial, located on the North side of the Plaza de la Revolucion in the Vedado section of Havana.   This is a memorial built to the biggest hero of the Cuban people, Jose Marti.     This monument was built by Fulgencio Batista after seizing power in a coup in 1952.  Construction began in 1953 on the 100th Anniversary of Jose Mari's birth. and was completed in 1958.  Today tourists may ride up and down the elevator and enjoy an exciting view of Havana.  

     The Presidential Palace, the Bacardi Building, The National Hotel and so many other buildings and sights make this city an amazing place to visit.   There is a lifetime of history exploration that can be done here, not to mention the exciting night life and incredible clubs and restaurants here.   

    The historic Havana Harbor and it's fortress that protects the City of Havana and the
great wall that surrounded Havana is still partially in tact in different parts of the city.

  If you should ever get the chance to visit Havana, make the time to walk the city and see all of the unbelievable sights.  ;o)