Tuesday, January 2, 2018

No More Resolutions, Action is All That's Needed

2018 is a New Horizon, Make the Most of It
     Well the new year is here and it is that time for all of those ridiculous resolutions with all of the
good intentions to live up to, that never seem to be followed through with.  I've found it better to just keep trying to live right and not worry about making any resolutions that I won't live up to.

Your Actions are a Reflection of You
     Forgetting all of the resolution, but rather lets talk about making a effort to get out and do more of the things that make us happy.  Making life more fun and less of a burden.  Loose the drama and spend more time smiling and hanging with the people that make this happen for you.

     And finally the easiest way keep your world smiling is to ""Drink More Rum".  Remembering that "rum is fun and fun" is what life really needs.  You don't have to become a lush to enjoy yourself, but a little bit of libation doesn't hurt either.  All I ask is that when you drink, do it responsibly, and stay away from your motor vehicles when you have been drinking.

     Make 2018 one of your finest.