Friday, September 30, 2011

Siesta Key Spiced Hits the Rum Lab Today

     Mike Streeter of the Rum Connection is bringing a bottle of Siesta Key Spiced Rum to the Rum Lab today for experimentation.     This is the first time we have tried to work with a spiced rum in the lab and I'll be interested to see how it is going to work out.     As usual I'll be creating some ideas for new cocktails using this really fine spiced rum and the "Lab Mice" will help decide which of the cocktail will be usable and which one don't make the cut.

     This afternoon's project is going to be a interesting and challenging one, because with the rum providing so much flavor on it's own, you have to blend it with things that are complementary to the flavors and don't clash it.     Sometimes you can get some really great tasting combinations and other times not so much.    I always enjoy a challenge and it is through these challenges that you create some really special new cocktails.     I'll have a full report of what the results of today's Rum Lab adventure tomorrow.     ;o)