Monday, March 30, 2015

What Drinks To Avoid on First Dates

     It has been forty years since I had a "first date", but I still think about how awkward that they could be.   Chilled Magazine has made a list of 8 drinks you might want to avoid on a first date.  This is an interesting insight to the cocktails that obviously ruin first dates.  
     Tropical Cocktails.  Yes, blue curacao is trending right now, but more as a novelty than a  long-term bar ingredient. If you find yourself at a Sandals resort or you’re in a craft bar with a sense of humor, sure go for it. Otherwise, order your tropical drinks in their natural colors.
     Topped with whipped cream If your first date is at a ski lodge and they make dynamite hot chocolate, have at it. Or you’re in an Irish pub and they are known for their Irish Coffee, sláinte. Otherwise, whipped cream belongs on dessert, and you’ve only embarked on the first course.
     A Boozy Milkshake First, see directly above. Milkshake = whipped cream. Second, you’re an adult on a date, not a 12-year old at an ice cream shop.
     A Drink Garnished with Insects.   With the rise of tequila and mezcal, so too there’s the rise of curious south-of-the-border toppings. Unless you meet your beloved on an episode of “The Amazing Race,” keep the crunchy critters for date # two, or three. After all, who wants to kiss someone who has just eaten a cricket? And worms in mezcal? Don’t go there either.
     A Drink Lit on Fire.   It’s just risky.   Who knows what might go up in smoke? Besides, it’s ostentatious.   Keep things between the two of you for now, not the entire room.   Exception: If the evening is going well and you both feel the need to share a flaming tiki punch, then may the island gods bless you.
     A vodka tonic.   Seriously. Don’t do it.   Just don’t.   It shows lack of imagination on your part and lack of respect for your bartender.
     Anything Layered.   Basically, we’re talking about the Pousse Café and its children. Yes, layered drinks are incredibly cool to look at and some of them even taste pretty good, but it takes time and patience to make them and to make them well. Ordering one ticks off your bartender – if he or she is even willing to make you one — – and quickly labels you as being difficult, which isn’t the best first impression.
A cheap, domestic beer.   Order an IPA.   Order a Saison.   Order something on draft.   Make a choice that isn’t just generic.   Unless you want to seem generic too.

This is a good and fun look at the no no's of first date cocktails.  I like it and it seems to make sense for a variety of reasons, primarily to keep the attention between you and your date and not the bartender being a third wheel for your first date.  Look at the basics like a daiquiri, or even a martini.  Something classy not just a bunch of glitz, it shows what you are made of.  Don't be afraid to ask your bartender for some help if you are at a loss for what might be appropriate.   ;o)