Saturday, August 10, 2013

Big Doin's Lobsterfest in Key West

     Today is the annual Lobsterfest Street Fair.   The 100 thru 500 blocks of Duval Street have been closed and the lobster grilles, souvenir  booths, and arts and craft booths have been set up to bring you an exciting Saturday in Key West.   Lobsterfest is the biggest party of the summer time in Key West and is the last hurrah if you will before the kids go back to school and everyone have to become responsible people again and get the kids all of their school clothes and supplies.  Lobsterfest is all kinds of fun for all kinds of people, just get yourself down here today into this evening for a day of lobster and seafood and good music this evening.

     The daytime is filled with the smell of the lobsters, corn on the cob and other tasty items cooking on the grills up and down Duval Street.  All of the booths filled with artsy things and just plain fun stuff for you to add to your trinket collection.   Wandering up and down the five blocks of booths and happenings is just a lot of fun.  You will find yourself enjoying all of the lobster dishes as well as the many other sides available at each of the booths.   Don't forget the hundreds of stores, restaurants and bars that line Duval Street will also be open to give you their own very special kind of entertainment.

     By Night the corner of Duval Street and Greene Street will be turned into a band stand and a concert featuring CW Colt, Cool Breeze and The Durt Bags will be playing.   This is when you get your favorite libations and party in the streets of Key West to the several Keys based acts.

     If you haven't been to Lobsterfest before, tonight is the night and time to head for Key West and enjoy the last major event of the summer in Key West.   Come on down and shop, eat, drink, and then dance the night away in the streets of Key West.  ;o)