Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lost Spirits Win The Distillery Master Award

Bryan Davis and Joanne Haruta Founders so Lost Spirits Distillery
The Distillery Masters is a unique proposition in the wider Global Spirits Masters series, which is largely comprised of blind spirits-­tasting assessments. This particular competition looks at the places behind the products – distilleries – and pays attention to increasingly critical aspects of the spirits world: tourism, digital marketing, experimentation in production, and sustainability.
The first round of the day was Consumer Experience, which assessed tours, sampling experiences, visitor centers, and other creative ways distilleries enhanced their visitors’ experiences. Panelists were delighted to discover the first aster winner of the day, was Lost Spirits Distillery.   In 2015, California-based Lost Spirits established industry-­first technology to recreate the chemical signature of aged spirits in a laboratory. The company’s distillery has been described as a “journey into the mind of a madman”, and judges loved the experience it offered consumers, which evoked the company’s creative processes rather than bogging down visitors with heavy scientific detail. “They are trying to make the distillery fun rather than just explanatory,” observed Roos. Abbott, “The consumer experience evokes the craziness of what they do but without the details.” Constable, meanwhile, praised the educational aspect of the experience. “It makes science, not just distilling, fun,” she said. “It’s the kind of place you would want to go back to.”

     Congratulations to Bryan Davis, Joanne Haruta and all of the crew of Lost Spirits on winning this prestigious award.  Davis took an idea of scientifically recreating the barrel aging process and making it happen in a very short time.  In doing so they have created their award winning rums and now the Distillery Master Award.