Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Kind of Day

   Today is one of my kind of days, the weather is in the low 70's a few clouds and the wind is out of the Northeast at 6.    This is a day to hop in the dinghy and cruise around for the first time in a while.     It is one of those days that you live in the keys for.     I'm not sure of where I will head off to, but I'm definitely taking a short cruise today.

     If nothing else I'll be on the water to just relax from the chores and getting everything in good running order again.     I'm thinking a little bit of rum, some snacks and a bottle of water will get the job done.   

     Most of you have to get away once in a while, it is the same for me, but it only takes me a few hours to go, return,  and loose all of the blues and relax away from all of the stuff that keeps you tense.    I know, you don't feel for me, but I too get a little tense after a while and need to slip away for a while to relax.

     Guess what, it is Karaoke at the Hurricane Hole tonight, and I'm really looking forward the the return to normalcy after the Thanksgiving  holiday last week.   Anyway, just enjoy your day and I'll have something worthwhile to write about tomorrow.   Oh, this was worthwhile, because I feel better already just talking about getting out on the water today.  ;o)