Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October's First Rat Key Tasting

     With the temperatures dropping a bi to the mid and lower 80's here in Key West, the afternoons at Rat Key are so much more enjoyable.   Sitting around the serving table stacked with 6 to 8 rums set for sampling is a much more pleasant experience.

   This week, we were here to enjoy rums from all over the Caribbean and Florida,  There was a Wicked Dolphin expression from Cape Coral, Florida that led off the afternoons tasting.  We moved on to an Elements 8 rum from St. Lucia, followed by Captain Bligh Gold from St. Vincent.  These were all young rums with some very interesting on the palate for rums of their age.

     Next we were off to Barbados for  R.L. Seale Rum along with a 10 year old  St. Nicolas Abbey expression.   Both of these fine rums put us back to the areas of fine aged rums.  These were very clean and had a natural sweetness that makes them something very special.  A bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 Solera from Venezuela, one of the fine rums that come out of that area was a wonderful experience as well.

     Finally we were off to Cuba for a Havana Club 7 Year and a Santiago de
Cuba Anejo.  More of the fine rum produced in the Spanish style of rum making and just wonderful to be able to enjoy watching the sun beginning to set over Fleming Key to the west.   This was a very epic day of tasting and camaraderie on Rat Key with so many fine rums.  

     It was sad to see the darkness take over the island and having to find our way back home in the dark.   ;o)