Saturday, March 17, 2012

Looking at Botran Solera 1893

     This is another of the family rum producers that has provided the world with fine rums for over six decades.     One of my favorites is the Botran Solera 1893.     Distilled from first pressing sugar cane grown on the Botran family estate in Southern Guatemala, this solera system aged rum is one of the finest out there.

     The solera system Botran uses combines and blends older and younger rums into a variety of oak whiskey barrels, re-charred oak whiskey barrels, sherry and port barrels.    This allows the distillate to take on the flavors of the barrels in which they are aged.    A portion of the final blend is bottled and the remaining older rum is later blended with younger rum in the future.

     The finished product is a beautiful rosewood colored  fine cane spirit.      On the nose you pick up hints of new leather, fruits and charred wood in the fairly intense aroma.     The palate has the sweetness of honey, clove, pepper, and nutmeg.   This finish is with the richness of coffee, cocoa, and some citrus.     This is a very rich and complex rum that has long lasting qualities both through the entire experience.

     The rums in the blend range from 5 to 18 years and the solera process of aging has really don its job well giving us a well rounded  and elegant rum.     ;o)